Cheri Beasley for North Carolina
I spent 5 months documenting the candidacy of Chief Justice Cheri Beasley as the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate for North Carolina. Covering all 100 counties, this role challenged me to use the power of digital media to create a connection between the issues facing North Carolina communities, the importance of using our vote to voice the change we want to see, and the commitment of Team Beasley to work towards making her campaign platform a reality at the national level for all citizens of the Tar Heel state. I worked in collaboration with the digital team to elevate the campaign's digital media presence through photography, filmmaking, and graphic design.

As the multimedia associate, my responsibilities included:

  • Capturing photos at events for use on social media and digital platforms, printed mailers, and printed placards
  • Creating videos from supporters, national and regional surrogates, and campaign events for use on social media and digital ads
  • Creating videos for partner organizations and virtual events
  • Captioning TV ads for use on digital platforms
  • Captioning cable TV news appearances and high-profile supporter video submissions for use on digital platforms
  • Creating graphics for digital platforms
  • Working alongside the digital director and deputy digital director to ensure photos, videos, and graphics were optimized across platforms
  • Working alongside the digital organizer, digital associate, and digital interns to direct and lead digital media deliverables for social media
Digital media assets created were used across digital platforms for organic and paid reach to increase online community engagement, attendance at community events, digital fundraising, and elevate campaign platform initiatives.
Twitter & Instagram
Digital media created on the @CheriBeasleyNC Twitter account and @CheriBeasleyNC Instagram account made a big impact in online community growth and campaign awareness.
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I want my next Senator to fight for our Constitution, our democracy, and Cheri Beasley will do that.
Tim Dunn, Veteran Supporter video
“I was a registered Republican for over 45 years… I’m confident that Cheri would go to Washington, work across the aisles, just like she did as a judge.”
Judge Bob Orr, Retired Republican Supreme Court Justice Supporter video
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